JoJo as a Fashion statement

JoJo as a Fashion statement

Hirohiko Araki's JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series is a massively popular anime franchise known for its unique artwork. And, more so, over-the-top character designs that have become iconic in modern pop culture. From the bulging, muscular characters that could put Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone to shame to JoJo's unusual Poses that imitate classic album covers from the 80s. JoJo has become a global sensation like none other.

The Franchise is so popular that its influence on the Japanese fashion industry is undeniable. The author of JoJo, Hirohiko Araki, is a well-known fashionista who has taken inspiration from old Renaissance Art and has incorporated that sense of style into his manga. Over the course of his 40 years as a manga artist, he has created some of the most iconic scenes in the medium. And to add, his unique take on Fashion has become an integral part of Anime Streetwear Culture in Japan. Plus, there are so many anime series that pay homage to JoJo that finding a JoJo reference has become a competitive sport at this point.

In the early 2000s, JoJo came out with its own exclusive fashion brand, The Ultra-Violence, in collaboration with Jun Okubo from Homedroogs Japan. The Ultra Fashion Line was the biggest JoJo fashion collaboration at the time, and their limited selection of JoJo's original anime merchandise has now become some of the most sought-after anime merch out there.


JoJo's Original Ultra Voilence Merchandise to the Left. JoJo inspired Yujin Exclusives to the right.

And it does not stop there.


JoJo X Gucci X Spur Collaborations and more…

In 2011, Gucci partnered up with JoJo's Author, Hirohiko Araki, and Japan's fashion magazine, Spur, to hold one of the biggest anime Fashion collaborations in anime history. A huge JoJo themed exhibition was held in Shinjuku to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Gucci and the 30th anniversary of Hirohiko Araki's manga Debut.

Later on, in 2013, a second collaboration between Gucci's creative director, Frieda Giannini, and Hirohiko Araki once again shook the anime industry with another massive collaboration. This time the Gucci Cruise collection was featured in another special short called Jolyne Fly High With Gucci. This collaboration was then displayed in over 70 Gucci boutiques all over the world.

But Araki just does not stop there. In 2017, he collaborated with Bulgari and prominently featured Killer Queen on Bulgari handbags, scarfs, keychains, etc. And then again in 2018, Araki Collaborated with the Italian designer Balenciaga and featured Bruno Baccarati wearing the designer's Fall lineup in Uomo Magazine.

Nonetheless, as we all know, JoJo is not just about Luxury wear. Even more than Luxury brands, JoJo stands out more in casual, anime streetwear.


JoJo Streetwear:

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has a ton of collaborations with local Japanese Streetwear brands. There is so much local anime merchandise released every year that the west rarely ever gets any news about them. But even in the chaos of language barriers and exclusive local releases, some collaborations stand out from the rest and get western coverage. And JoJo X glamb is one such example.

In 2017, glamb partnered up with Hirohiko Araki and released their exclusive line of JoJo anime Streetwear featuring Diamond is Unbreakable. And again, in 2018, Stardust Crusaders was featured in another line of JoJo inspired anime streetwear.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has also collaborated with Vans and Converse. And they have a special line of JoJo themed sneakers for the enthusiasts out there. But even cooler than that, The Perfect Suit Factory X JOJO takes the cake as one of the best anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Collaborations yet.


JoJo Business Suits:

Japan is a country known for its professional environment. A vast majority of its populace spends more time at work, in their offices than at home. The culture heavily revolves around formality, and the formal attire for anything work-related or a formal event is considered customary, if not required at the very least.

After the huge success of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5, Golden Wind, Bandai collaborated with Perfect Suit Factory (one of the biggest, local high-end suit brands in Japan) to make some actual JoJo themed business suits. CDawg, one of the most popular anitubers on YouTube, even made a video detailing his collection of rare JoJo anime merchandise and showcased some of the most pristine, officially licensed JoJo business suits there.

For now, Bucharati and Giorno-themed suits are available, and although it is not confirmed if they will be adding more JoJo characters to the lineup going forward, but one thing is for sure. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series is a huge sensation in Japan that does not show any signs of stopping down soon. Its popularity is growing, and over the last 33 years, JoJo has released a plethora of licensed anime merchandise, either through its own brand, Ultra-Violence or through collaborations with big brands like Gucci and more.

The series has gained prominence as a fashion icon all over the world, and at Yujin, we are looking forward to seeing JoJo grow and gain more prominence in the world of Fashion.



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