Nier Automata is getting an Anime Adaptation

Nier Automata is getting an Anime Adaptation

During its 5th anniversary Livestream on WednesdaySquare Enix announced an Anime Adaptation for its 2017 JRPGNier Automata.

The announcement unveiled a brief trailer and key artwork featuring 2B wielding a Katana with her trusted assistant RobotPOD 042.

The new Nier Automata animated series will be adapting the story of everyone's favorite 2B9S, and A3; the three combat androids, set in the year 11945 AD. The anime will cover their unyielding war against the extraterrestrial machines and go through the event progression as in the main game.

Although no other details about the anime adaptation have been released since the new anime is expected to come out sometime next year.

So, the hype is up. It will be interesting to see how Square Enix adapts the unique storyline of the game into an anime format. Since the player is always in control of how the game progresses, it will be interesting to see an interactive anime that will be the first of its kind in the anime medium.

You can get more details about the Nier Automata anime adaptation by visiting the official website.

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