A New Isekai Series About ‘Mother’s Harem’ Is On The Rise

A New Isekai Series About ‘Mother’s Harem’ Is On The Rise

Since the Isekai theme has been utilized so extensively in the anime, manga, and light novel industries, it has gotten a bit bland for some readers. So, to keep their audience interested, authors have begun to spice things up by incorporating "unique elements" into the conventional storyline of the main character being reborn on a new planetovercoming the bad guys, and ultimately obtaining the girl. They intend to keep the genre fresh and exciting in this way.

The new manga series "Yuusha ni zenbu ubawareta ore wa yuusha no hahaoya to Party kumimashita" (Everything was taken away by the hero, so I made a party with the hero's mother) startled netizens. As the title implies, this manga tells the narrative of a hero who forms a party with the mother of another herobut the surprise is that this party is completely made up of moms. This novel approach to the Isekai genre has caught fans' interest.


Ceres, a magic swordman who has been treated as a burden in the party, is finally dismissed by Zect, the hero and leader of the party. He realized that all of his childhood friends belonged to Zect and there was nowhere for him to stay, so he decided to go off on his own... However, he's actually a reincarnated person and used to be much older, so he didn't really bear it that much when he was expelled. And he was...


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