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Chainsaw Man Episode 1 Premiere Crashes Crunchyroll Servers

Studio Mappa's adaptation of Tatsuki Fujimoto's manga Chainsaw Man just dropped last week. And aside from taking the social networks by storm, Episode 1 of Chainsaw Man has reportedly crashed the Crunchyroll Website.

Crunchyroll Website Crash Report

According to some reports, hundreds, if not millions of anime fans tuned in to watch the Premier, first episode of Chainsaw Man, and Crunchyroll was not prepared for such a huge influx.

Anime fans took to Twitter to report the issue;

 While others mentioned the other three times Crunchyroll Servers crashed due to the huge influx influx of viewers.

Chainsaw Man is available on almost all major streaming platforms, including Amazon PrimeHulu, and, of course, Crunchyroll.

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