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My Broken Mariko Manga To Get a Live-Action Adaptation This Fall

Waka Hirako's My Broken Mariko Manga is getting a live-action adaptation, featuring Mei Nagano as the main protagonist Shiino coming Fall. The film will be directed by Yuki Tanada with Kōsuke Mukai, penning the script.

The film is being produced by Kadokawa, and Waka Hirako even released a public statement saying;

I love movies, so I'm honored to be involved in the edge of the movie as the original. I'm really looking forward to how it will be visualized, how it will be interpreted, and how it will become a movie.

The Live-action adaptation is expected to be faithful to the original manga as, Waka Hirako, the original author is heavily involved with the film's production.

My Broken Mariko follows the story of Shiino, an office assistant, and her Friend Mariko. When Mariko dies unexpectedly due to bizarre circumstances, Shiino vows to unravel the mystery and find out the real reason behind her death.

My Broken Mariko won the New Face Award during the 24th Japan Media Awards in 2021.

SPURCE: MY Broken Mariko's Website

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