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Shonen Jump's New App Will Allow Users to Make Manga without Ever Learning How To Draw

Shonen Jump World Maker App

It used to be that you had to spend 100s of hours learning how to draw properly in order to make your own manga. But this new App by Shonen jump will allow users to create manga without ever having to draw even a single line. The new App is called ‘World Maker’ and has more than 600,000 images of backgrounds, effects, characters, and more.

What can you do with Shonen Jump’s new World Maker?

Shonen Jump World Maker App Preview

With World Maker, anyone can easily make a manga by dragging and dropping images from the App’s massive library. The ass has all the tools a digital Mangaka could ever need, and to add the massive content library is expected to grow even more going forward.

According to the Demo presented by the Shonen Jump, anyone with a modern smartphone has the ability to create any manga they want in 4 easy steps.

Shonen Jump World Maker App Preview

But unfortunately, you cannot download the App at the time of writing because the App is going through Beta Testing. An Open Beta is expected to be released on Sept 22 next month.

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