Suicide Squad Isekai: DC's Antihero Team Ventures into Anime Realm with Wit Studios Collaboration

DCs infamous Suicide Squad seems to be embarking on an exciting journey literally. Warner Bros. Japan in partnership, with Wit Studios is set to release an animated series that could redefine the Squads storyline.

Pluto's Return: Astro Boy's Thrilling Spin-off Premieres on Netflix!

Dive into the World of Pluto In the expansive universe of anime, few names resonate as deeply as "Astro Boy." This iconic figure now shares the limelight with "Pluto," an intriguing spin-off series premiering exclusively...

Reviving Berserk: A Fan-Led Initiative to Honor the Legendary Manga in True 2D Animation

A passionate fan initiative, "Berserk: The Black Swordsman," emerges, aiming to animate the cherished Berserk tales with the authentic 2D animation. A Tribute to Berserk’s Legacy: The Black Swordsman Berserk, the illustrious manga series by...

Spy x Family Season 2: The Return of the Forger Family

The world of anime is vast and ever-evolving, and one of the most anticipated returns this year is that of the Forger family in "Spy x Family." The unique blend of espionage, action, and family dynamics has captivated audiences...

Top 10 Anime Series to Watch in Fall 2023

The Fall Anime Season of 2023 is set to be a refreshing change from the previous summer season, which was dominated by sequels. This upcoming season promises a slew of new series that have fans...

Studio Ghibli's "How Do You Live?" Sets A New Benchmark in Japanese Cinema

Studio Ghibli, the renowned animation powerhouse, has once again made headlines with its latest release, "How Do You Live?" Directed by the iconic Hayao Miyazaki, the film has earned the distinction of being the most expensive production...

Baki Hanma Season 2 Returns on Netflix with a Prehistoric Twist

Netflix's Baki Hanma unveils season two, introducing Pickle, a frozen caveman. An epic clash awaits.

Unveiling the Top 10 Anticipated Anime Releases for Summer 2023

Dive into the world of anime with our comprehensive guide to the top 10 most awaited anime series and movies set to premiere in the summer of 2023. From sequels to new adaptations, this list has something for every anime enthusiast.

My Hero Academia Tops U.S. Monthly Bookscan List for May

In a recent development, Kōhei Horikoshi's manga "My Hero Academia" has secured the top spot on the Circana BookScan's Top 20 adult graphic novels list for May 2023