Kakegurui Twin Is Now Streaming On Netflix

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Hot on the heels of other anime releases like Bastard!!, Spriggan, and (the controversial) Ghost in the Shell, Netflix is now streaming Kakegurui Twin. A spin-off of the hit manga-turned-anime Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler, Kakegurui Twin sees familiar faces facing up with new foes. Now while some fans are disappointed that Netflix and MAPPA are releasing a spin-off instead of the original series’ much-awaited third season, Kakegurui Twin is still sure to rake in viewers with its high stakes and intensely competitive story. Here’s what we know so far:

Kakegurui Twin’s Background

Much like the original series, the animated Kakegurui Twin is based on a manga. Written by Homura Kawamoto, the manga series currently has 12 volumes and is still published to this day. Also set in the über-exclusive Hyakkaou Private Academy, this storyline serves also serves as a prequel since it takes place a year prior to the events of the main series. In this series, the focus is on transfer student Mary Saotome. While Mary is already an established top gambler and student leader in Kakegurui, in this spin-off we see her more humble beginnings and rise to the top of the social ladder.

Why Is Kakegurui Twin Worth Watching?

For starters, Kakegurui Twin’s biggest draw is the chance to finally see more of Mary Saotome. While she was one of the three main characters in Kakegurui, many fans have expressed how they wished to see more of her on-screen. In Kakegurui Twin, we get to see Mary’s transformation and origin story a lot more. This includes watching Mary overcome her family’s more modest financial status, seeing her develop into a ruthless player, and finding out the meaning behind the flower hairpin that she clutches during the main series.
Aside from this, Kakegurui Twin brings back the nail-biting tension and intense gambling sequences that the source materials and original series are celebrated for. For those new to the world of Kakegurui, here money, fame, and fortune are earned (or lost) through gambling. This sees students either rise to the top of the food chain or sink to the bottom and become servants. Often, the games played in the academy are based on ones from real life. This includes roulette, rock-paper-scissors, and poker. In true Kakegurui fashion, though, every game is given a more sinister twist. To illustrate, during the iconic Choice Poker match the players follow the standard poker hand rankings. This includes well-known combinations such as a full house, two pairs, high cards, and 3 of a kind. However, the stakes are much more significant given the students are betting with millions. In many cases, lives are even put on the line and the winner’s win the “right” to end or control the loser’s life.

Kakegurui Twin Updates

Aside from the news that Kakegurui Twin’s Netflix run starts on August 4th, little else has been said about the franchise’s animated future. Until now, neither Netflix nor MAPPA has said anything about renewing the original series which has some fans worried that Kakegurui Twin will also see an abrupt end. At this point, this is merely speculation, though, as Netflix has shown an interest in streaming more anime and anime adaptations. Recently, they even shared the script for their live-action One Piece adaptation.
If we’re being optimistic, this means that Kakegurui Twin can bank on more support from the streaming giant. If all else fails, though, fans still have the live-action Kakegurui Twin adaption that streamed in 2021. Directed by Tsutomu Hanabusa (who also helmed the Kakegurui live-action film), Kakagurui Twin’s 8-episode live-action series is on Amazon Prime—which means you may need another subscription to go all with Mary Saotome.


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