Komi-San Can’t Communicate Gets a Season 2

Komi-San Can’t Communicate Gets a Season 2

Komi-San Can't Communicate, one of the most popular anime series of the FAll 2021 lineup, just ended on 23 December 2021. And to the delight of all anime fans out there Season 2 of the infamous anime series was officially announced with a short teaser.

 According to the announcement, the Season 2 of Komi-san Can't Communicate will start airing in April 2022—the Spring 2022 Anime Season. Many fans already expected the original, Season 1 of Komi-san Can't Communicate to be a two cour anime—having 24 episodes. But, Alas, that wish did not come to fruition. But, thanks to the hype, Komi-san Can't Communicate did get renewed for a season 2. And that too, again, in the Spring of 2022 lineup.

Rarely ever do we get to see season 2 of any anime come out so early after the first season has finished airing. And this early announcement shows just how popular Komi-san Can't Communicate is, not only in Japan but also all over the world.

Although not many details have been released for the Komi-san Can't Communicate Season 2 anime, fans are expecting Komi-san Can't Communicate Season 2 to have 12 more episodes of pure wholesomeness.

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