The New Bleach Anime to Reportedly Come out in the Fall of 2022

The New Bleach Anime to Reportedly Come out in the Fall of 2022

According to the most recent rumors, Bleach is finally making a return in the fall of 2022. WSJ_manga, a trusted source for anime industry news, made the bold claims on their official Twitter account, with an elaboration that the anime is set to premiere in the October of 2022.

Last year, Tite Kubo announced that he will be bringing Ichigo back for w new adventure with the manga revival. And in November this year, Bleach finally confirmed an anime premier with no set date. The new season of Bleach is set to cover the Thousand Year Blood War Arc and update the original anime series with the ongoing manga series.
The original Bleach anime aired from October 5, 2004, till March 27, 2012. Making this a full decade-long comeback, where the new anime will bring back the original cast of Voice actors from the old anime.
Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Anime Official ArtAlthough no further details have been officially released about the new Bleach Anime, but judging from the rumors, and the hype that Shueisha is trying to generate for the Bleach comeback, it is safe to assume that the new Bleach Anime will be coming out much sooner than we expected.


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