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Netflix To Adapt Parasyte manga series into a Korean Live-Action

After announcing a barrage of anime originalsremakes, and anime live-actionsNetflix just revealed another live-action adaptation with a unique twist.

This WednesdayNetflix confirmed a new K-dramaParasyte: The Grey, based on the classic Japanese manga series by Hitoshi IwaakiParasyte.

Now, Parasyte is about unidentified parasitic life forms that live off of human hosts and strive to grow their power. As they start to disrupt society, a group of humans wage war against the rising evil parasites.

According to further details released by Netflix, the legendary director Yeon Sang-ho, the man behind Hellhound(2021)Pennisula(2020), Train to Busan(2016), and more, has taken charge of the new K-DramaParasyte: The Grey.

The original Parasyte manga series is a well-known classic in Japan and already has a popular anime seriesParate: the Maxim, and a Japanese Live-Action adaptation, Parasyte: Movie Series.

So it's to be seen how this K-Drama style live-action adaptation fares to the franchises' previous success.

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