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Hunter X Hunter's new anime series (if and when it happens) will not be featuring Gon and Killua anymore. Manga readers might already this fact, but for anime-only watchers, this news comes as a surprise. As both beloved characters, Gon and Killua defined the series in its first half. Gon and Killua's story was concluded in the anime, as they both achieved their goals and, in that, completed their goals.

Hunter X Hunter Episode 147 Gon and Killua

The next protagonist of the Hunter X Hunter series, following the Dark Continent Expedition arc, will Feature Kurapika and his revenge saga.

Hunter X Hunter Kurapika

According to what we know so far, the new Hunter X Hunter anime will continue the story right after the events of the 2011 season.

The new Hunter X Hunter anime will be resuming the story from Chapter 340 of the manga.

And in a unique turn of events, the author of Hunter X HunterYoshihiro Togashi, finally made a Twitter account after a one year long Hiatus. Which crossed 2.5 Million followers in less than one week.

Togashi is sharing the progress of his manuscripts on his Twitter. Confirming that the manga hiatus has finally ended, and he will be will be releasing the next chapter very soon.

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