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One Punch Man's Manga Artist Yusuke Murata Shares Debut Episode of Original Anime 'Zaiyuki' on Twitter

Renowned manga artist Yusuke Murata has recently taken to Twitter to share the first part of his latest original anime project, entitled Zaiyuki. The story follows a young kappa, a mythical ghost of Japanese folklore, named Zaiyuki, who defies traditional kappa characteristics by being unable to swim and disliking cucumbers.


Zaiyuki faces constant bullying from the other kappas in his town because of his differences, but everything changes when he wins a lottery and gets the chance to travel to India. Eager to leave his past behind, Zaiyuki sets off on his journey but finds himself in trouble when he receives a mysterious orb from an older adult that transforms into a monkey upon his arrival in India.

As he tries to navigate his way through the airport, Zaiyuki is suddenly cornered by police forces, leaving viewers to wonder if there is a deeper reason behind his journey to India and how he will manage to escape.

Fans of Murata's work are excited to see the artist delve into original anime content, and many have already flocked to the link shared in his Twitter bio to watch the first part of Zaiyuki.

The debut episode has received an overwhelmingly positive response, with viewers praising Murata's exceptional animation and distinctive storytelling. However, it was the creation of Murata's heroine, a completely alluring girl who captured the animation's limelight, that really caught the attention of fans.

With Zaiyuki already becoming a fan favorite, many are eagerly anticipating what Murata has in store for the rest of the series.

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