Tonikawa Kawaii Season 2 Confirmed

Tonikawa Kawaii Season 2 Confirmed

Tonikawa Kawaii or Fly Me To The Moon, is a manga-based series whose season 1 aired in the fall of 2020. And now, finally, a full year later, the series is getting renewed for a full cour second season.

Tonikawa Kawaii Official Art

The Official Twitter account of Tonikawa Kawaii just announced that the anime series is getting a special announcement tomorrow on Saturday, during a live event. The announcement comes as expected because the manga series of Tonikawa Kawaii now has 3.7 million copies in circulation, according to a 2021 sales report. And season one of the series was one of the most popular anime of the fall 2020 lineup.

But, thankfully, we don't have to wait for tomorrow's event because Shonen Jump has already confirmed our speculations with a teaser. The latest version of the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine featured Yuzaki, our main heroine from Tonikawa Kawaii, posing with two on the main cover, with a Season 2 announcement—hyping up tomorrow's announcement.

Currently, we do not have any other details about the new season. But tomorrow's event is expected to unveil all the other niche details for the new Tonikawa Kawaii sequel.


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