One Piece Live-Action Series: Eiichiro Oda's Message on Netflix Collaboration and Anticipated 2023 Release

One Piece Live-Action Series: Eiichiro Oda's Message on Netflix Collaboration and Anticipated 2023 Release
After achieving remarkable success in anime and manga, One Piece has expanded its horizons, venturing into various other entertainment platforms such as a Netflix live-action series and an open-world game. In 2017, Netflix unveiled plans for the live-action One Piece series, and since then, Tomorrow Studio has been diligently working to bring the show to life.

Netflix had earlier declared that the series would premiere in 2023. As expected, fans were apprehensive, given the history of unsuccessful attempts to adapt anime or manga into live-action series. Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, had his reservations initially. However, these concerns were put to rest when Netflix guaranteed the series would not be released until Oda was delighted.

Moreover, Oda expressed his belief that, given his anticipated lifespan, the live-action adaptation represents the final opportunity to introduce One Piece to a global audience.

Netflix shared Oda's entire message on Twitter:
"Collaborating with Tomorrow Studios and Netflix has been an ongoing process. While they understand each character well, our diverse cultural backgrounds lead to differing entertainment codes, skill sets, and objectives. This can sometimes result in frustration for both parties. At one point, I wondered, 'Is a foreign production even feasible?'It may appear sudden, but we have diligently worked behind the scenes. Now, all parties involved are finally in sync. This is it! Believing this is the last chance to share One Piece with the world, I want to oversee the project while I'm still active.That's why I agreed to the live-action adaptation of One Piece in 2016. Netflix has since devoted considerable resources to the production. They announced a 2023 release date and assured me that the show would not launch until I was satisfied.With a diverse cast and crew from multiple countries, everyone involved is filled with passion for One Piece! I've reminded them that this should be a fun experience. We're currently in the final stages of completing all eight episodes! We'll be setting sail very soon!"



The live-action One Piece finished production in August 2022, allowing ample time for the finishing touches. Recently, a purported leak regarding a One Piece live-action test screening circulated but was swiftly debunked. What are your thoughts on the One Piece live-action? Share your opinions in the comment section below.


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