About Us

Inspired by Anime and Japanese culture

Our Story

After several years thinking how we can share our passions with the people, and tired of seeing the same clothes in every store. We taked a big step forward and decide to be commited to develop the best possible designs and products in regard with Japanese Anime Streetwear Culture. Building a community and seeing people happy wearing our clothes is what matters the most to us. You won't believe how happy it makes us to receive a happy customer message, it makes our whole day! And we are very grateful for that, that's why we are commited to take this brand to the highest level possible. All of this started thinking about you, the person who shares our passions and wants something fresh to show his love for Japanese Anime Culture. This brand was created by fans, for fans. We are just like you, gamers and anime addicts who love to talk for hours about the things we love.

behind the scene

Our Team

Yūjin is an online clothing store, offering first class products and a great service for those who buy from the comfort of their home. Company integrated by innovative designers, illustrators, content creators, bloggers and artists who always look to the future and keep in mind the latest trends. Our brand mixes all those talents to bring you the best possible design and content. We have the momentum and means to be constantly improving the experience of your online purchase.