Simpsons Goes Full Anime Mode For A Death Note Tribute

Simpsons Goes Full Anime Mode For A Death Note Tribute

Simpson's new Treehouse of Horror Halloween Compilation XXXIII just went through a complete Anime Makeover. The Episode in question features Lisa as she goes through her Death Note Journey and finds the mysterious Death Note or The Death Tome, as it is called here.

Death Note Simpsons Parody

You may believe that this is a new trend with Simpsons, but this all began way back in 2008 when a DeviantArt artist Nina “SpaceCoyote” Matsumoto made a Parody poster, which sparked a whole Simpsons X DeathNote trend a decade and a half back.

Death Note Parody Poster by SpaceCoyote

DR Movie, a Korean-based studio that animated the Episode, has a long history of helping out American and Japanese studios behind the scenes. And in this case, it was involved in making the original Death Note Anime series with Studio Mad House.

The new Death Note Inspired episode will air on October 30 and will be the second of the three segments. Whereas the other two will pay homage to Babadook Starring Mage and even a Westworld Parody. This is kind of weird because the Simpsons already did a Westworld Parody in 1994. But the modern HBO series is so different from the Original that they might feel like doing it all over again for their newer audience.


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