Bulk Orders

Perfect for wholesalers and those looking for big discounts

What you should know:

Almost all of our products are eligible for bulk discounts, with the exception of some recently added products.

What you should know:

- You're eligible for a discount if you order at least 25 of the same product (e.g. t-shirts). Feel free to mix product sizes, colors, and designs!- It can't be combined with other discounts (e.g. special promo discounts).
- The % off depends on the product and the amount you order
—the bigger the order, the greater the discount.

* Products are non-returnable.
* Discounts are not applicable to promotions or markdowns.


How-To Guide

1. Shop our products as you would normally

2. Make sure you have at least 25 of the same product category (e.g. hoodies)

3. Enter the appropriate discount code for your purchase to place your bulk order!

Possible discounts:

25 - 49 :         8% CODE: BD8PR25

50 - 74 :         12% CODE: BD12PR50

75 - 99:          18% CODE: BD18PR75

100 - 199:       22% CODE: BD22PR100

200+ :            26% CODE: BD26PR200

For any further questions with your bulk order, please feel free to contact us at info@yujinclothing.com