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Death Note 2 Producer Masi Oka Confirms That the Fan Criticism of the First Movie will be Addressed Properly in The Death Note Sequel

Death Note Movie Visual

The Netflix original Death Note Movie in 2017 was a huge disappointment for anime fans all over the world. The Movie essentially butchered the series in the worst way possible and left us with a sloppy narrative that had nothing to do with the Death Note we were all familiar with.

But still, in 2018, Netflix announced that the Movie would be getting another sequel. And now, 3 years later, we are finally getting more details about the new Sequel. In an interview, the series writer, Greg Russo, confirmed that the new Sequel will draw more from the source material this time. And instead of whitewashing the character this time, they will be focusing more on the original content.

Confirming this, the Producer, Masi Oka, also released a statement in an interview with Screen Rant;

“All I can say is still in the works. Nothing has been decided either way. I can say that we are listening to the fans, and hopefully, the fans will be happy with the direction we’re going.”

So hopefully, they will not be butchering the series as much as before and may just nail in the atmosphere this time. At least they will be trying to cater to the main Death Note audience and the original fans with the Sequel. So we are hoping that Death Note Movie 2 does not get destroyed this time, and with that in mind, we are very excited about the upcoming Netflix Death Note 2 sequel, which is set to come out sometime in the near future.

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