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Funimation just Unveiled My Hero Academia ‘World Heroes Mission Anime Films English Dubbed Trailers, Tickets sale schedule, and a Special Manga Booklet for Theatergoers

Funimation has finally released the English Dub Trailer for the new My Hero Academia The Movie: World Heroes' Mission, the third movie in the BNHA FranchiseMy Hero Academia The Movie: World Heroes' Mission already has a massive box office success in Japan. And this new dubbed trailer has fans riled up from all over the world in anticipation of the Dub release. 

Funimation has also announced that they will be giving a special manga booklet as a bonus to the theatergoers from October 29-31. The new manga special, called World Heroes' Mission Vol. W will have 76 pages featuring FAQ segments, Early Character Art, and a Specialty Manga. The Tickets to the new movie are already on sale at in the United States and Canada. Sales in other regions like Australia and New Zealand will begin on October 5. While Fans living in the United Kingdom and Ireland will have to wait till October 8 to get their hands on the tickets.

But to make things fair for everyone, the movie will be released in the selected theatres worldwide on October 29. But, AustraliaNew Zealand, and South Africa will have a lucky break, as the movie will be released on October 28 there.

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